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Historical Mount Vernon, Ohio
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Touring Historical Mount Vernon, Ohio

Mount Vernon, Ohio is a city immersed in historical significance. The city draws its name from the Virginia birthplace of George Washington but carries its own historical significance. The town is home to four different historic districts, all set around the center of the city, as well as several historical buildings. A great way to experience these districts is to wander around the various sectors and stumble upon some interesting history. Come see some of the most intriguing historical sites in Ohio by touring Mount Vernon.

Downtown Mount Vernon Historic District

The Downtown Mount Vernon Historic District is south of the public square and is set between High, Mulberry, Gay and Phillips streets. Much of the historical nature of this portion is on Main Street. This portion of the city includes a host of restaurants and historical architecture. Many of the buildings date back to the mid-1880s and include a cacophony of different architectural styles. Walking around downtown will also reveal brown historical markers that can give you some insight into past people and events. You never know what you'll find when you explore Main Street in Mount Vernon.

East Gambier Street District

The East Gambier Street District stretches about five blocks on Gambier Street just east of Gay Street until Ohio Avenue. This section is a quiet residential area that sports a slew of historical homes. This stretch is the perfect place to take a relaxing stroll and thoroughly enjoy all Mount Vernon has to offer. While the majority of the street is homes, there is the Knox County Genealogical Society Research Library that is worth visiting. Come experience a slice of Knox County history on Gambier Street.

Woodward Opera House

The Woodward Opera House sits amid the Downtown Mount Vernon Historic District. The exact address is 107 S. Main St. Woodward Opera House is the oldest authentic 19th Century Theater still standing with the first event at the theater being in 1851. The theater underwent restorations in the 1970s, joining the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

The opera house hosts a wide variety of shows throughout the year in conjunction with the Mount Vernon Arts Consortium. Be sure to check out the opera house's calendar for a host of shows available. The opera house is also available for rentals for big events such as weddings, gatherings and a bevy of other occasions.

East High Street Historic District

East High Street Historic District sits within Chestnut, Catherine, Vine and Gay streets just east of the Public Square. This section of Mount Vernon houses many government buildings, all featuring historic architecture. The Knox County Courthouse, which is also on the National Register of Historic Places, sits within this district as well as several churches and other buildings. Visitors can also visit the Knox Memorial, which features a theater for myriad local events. The Memorial Theater has been around since 1925. As you venture away from Gay Street, you'll find a quiet residential area that is full of historic homes that feature great architecture. Exploring this district is a great way to experience Mount Vernon History.
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North Main-North Gay Streets Historic District

Mount Vernon's historic districts stretch in all directions and the North Main-North Gay Streets sector sits just north of the public square. The northern edge of this district is Curtis Street as it sits between Main and Gay streets. Much like the East Gambier Street District, this section mainly supports vintage homes as part of a quiet residential spot. There are some shops to explore but this spot is mostly ideal for spending some time on a leisurely stroll.