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The Best Small Towns in Knox County, Ohio

After you're done exploring Mount Vernon, you might want to check out some of the small towns throughout the rest of Knox County.

Some of these places have excellent restaurants, natural landmarks, and outdoor attractions to enjoy. Let's go over some of the highlights each town offers so you can prepare for a small town tour.

Gambier, Ohio

5 miles east

Kokosing Gap Trail

Length: 16 miles
Difficulty: Easy

As one of the best walking trails in the county, the Kokosing Gap Trail draws many visitors who love biking, hiking, and birdwatching. Bike riders should relish the shady, paved, and wooded trail as an escape from day-to-day life.

Picnic benches and tables are strewn along the trail so you can relax, eat a snack, and return to your car after walking. Immerse yourself in the great outdoors at Kokosing Gap Trail.

Schnormeier Gardens

Address: 8701 Laymon Rd, Gambier, OH

Embrace the natural beauty of Ohio and carefully manicured gardens of Schnormeier. Take a tour of history with a botanical spin.

There are several different gardens themed to different eras and designed for different purposes. Enjoy the Chinese Cup Garden, the Japanese Garden, Waterfalls Garden, Serenity Garden, and many more. It's a must-see attraction that is often overlooked.

Brown Family Environmental Center

Address: 9781 Laymon Rd, Gambier, OH
Hours: 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Discover local conservation efforts, go bug hunting, and walk the trails of this beautiful outdoor nature area. Move throughout the three distinct biomes of property—-prairie, forest, and wetland—discovering the critters that live in each. It's a great place to relax for children and adults alike.
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Fredericktown, Ohio

7 miles northwest

Knox Lake

Fredericktown is surrounded by lakes, and the most prominently visited is Knox. Knox Lake is the perfect fishing spot, as it not only has miles of coastline with a good variety of fish, but it has a boat dock so you can take your own watercraft for a plunge. Make sure to bring your own fishing equipment so you don't miss out.

Kokosing Lake Wildlife Area

The lake on the west side of Fredericktown is the Kokosing Lake. With over 1000 acres to explore, fish, and swim in, Kokosing Lake is an ideal spot to cool off this summer. Essentially, if you want to unwind and take a dip, Fredericktown is your place.

Homestead Restaurant

Address: 108 N Main St, Fredericktown, OH
Hours: 7AM - 3PM

The food in Fredericktown is also pretty good. One of our favorite restaurants here is the Homestead Family Restaurant. The chef cooks up some affordable yet delicious breakfasts that will start your day at the lake off right!
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Centerburg, Ohio

14 miles southwest

1834 Midway Tavern

Address: 29 N Clayton St, Centerburg, OH
Hours: 3PM - 9:30PM

Looking for nightlife? Centerburg has a quaint bar with delicious southern food and drinks. If you love comfort food like country fried steak, quesadillas, and sliders, make your way to the midway tonight!

Table Rock Golf Course

Address: 108 N Main St, Fredericktown, OH
Hours: 7AM - 3PM
Price: $20 for 9 holes, $25 for 18 holes

Considered one of the highest quality golf courses in the area, Table Rock draws crowds from all over Ohio. It's an excellently designed course with new management. Every Friday they serve fresh BBQ entrees that will cure any empty stomach. You won't find a much better golf course than this one near Mount Vernon.
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